There is really nothing else to say about the 2011 Mets, but what will they look like and how will they play in 2012?

First, Philadelphia's pitching is very good, and it would be hard to beat them next season. Then looking over at the Braves, you realize that they have great young talent (Heyward, Freeman, Venters), and it would be very hard to beat the Braves, especially now that Chipper Jones has said he will play in the 2012 season (Mets Killer).

We know it will be very hard to win games, but think about if Johan Santana comes back stronger then he was in 2010. Think about the games we lost when Capuano/and or Pelfrey pitched, Santana would be taking one of their spots. Thats about 10 more games that would have been won at this point, keeping the Mets in the wild card race.

Alderson has told reporters that he is looking to resign Jose Reyes and help his bullpen out. The bullpen has been horrible this season, with many blown games in the 6th inning or later. Isringhausen will most likely end his career after this season as he has finally achieved his goal, 300 saves. But what about Pedro Beato, Bobby Parnell, even Jenrry Mejia? How will they do in 2012? Parnell has some talent, but he hasn't proved anything yet. Does Alderson trade him while he has a little value left?

Sandy Alderson was hired to answer those questions.

Anyway, if his main intention is to resign Jose Reyes, then who takes right field? Lucas Duda has proved that he can compete for that spot. What about the 2nd base issue? Murphy has great hitting ability, but Justin Turner is the only player to stay healthy the entire season as of now.

Ike Davis could be the missing piece to the offense, but it wasn't like the Mets offense was struggling when Murphy and Reyes were in the lineup.

On paper, the Mets look like a decent ball club, and when they play together they are. The injuries have let the fans and the organization in aw. 

All and all, The 2012 Mets can still make a push to the post-season, but until the injuries stop, the Mets don't have a chance.