I honestly thought I wasn't going to write about another Mets game during this season, but tonight's game gave me reason to.

Chris Capuano pitched an outright gem against the NL wild card leading Braves, pitching a complete game shutout, striking out a season high and tying his career high 13 batters, allowing only 2 hits and walking none. 

I don't think I've seen Mets fans give a standing ovation to a pitcher in the last 2 months, but he got one in the 7th inning while going up to bat just allowing 1 hit. He later struck out, but that's not the point.

His command and control was very good though out the game, only falling behind 2 batters 3-0, getting both of them out.

I've always said that Chris Capuano is an average 4th starting pitcher, and an above average 5th starter. But when you get your "5th starter" to pitch like this, you start to believe that the Mets really do have a chance for the future.

He's a guy that can eat innings, and always seems to pitch a minimum of 5 innings.

Though Capuano's contract ends this season, if he can put together a nice September, the Mets may keep him for a decent price (but only for a 1 year contract due to the pitching prospect overload in 2013).

After watching Capuano's performance, probably a top 10 pitching performance this season, it gives Mets fans reason to believe...I promise.