The New York Mets are probably not playoff-bound in 2013, but that doesn't mean that fans can't have fun in the Citi Field stands.

Nor does it mean that people like me can't have fun making awful puns like the one accompanying this post, with all apologies to Matt Harvey.

This abomination of a Photoshop (full size here) is based on the 1998 rock song "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger, expertly lip dubbed on YouTube and just an all-around fun song.

I'm thinking, why not have a group of fans congregate along the foul poles at Citi Field for Matt Harvey's starts in a "(Matt) Harvey Danger - Foulpole Sittas" fan club? 

Other fan clubs could include candy bar-themed "Niese's Pieces" for Jon Niese, the already-tired "More Cowgill" for Collin Cowgill, and any number of puns on Dillon Gee's name.

Some of us on Twitter have thought about an elaborate Batman villain-themed fan club for Shaun Marcum​ called "Marcum Asylum," based on the famous fictional institution

If Kirk Nieuwenhuis gets off to a hot start, there can be a USS Enterprise Star Trek-themed section for Captain Kirk. Someone more clever than I can think up some others.

Update: A Twitter follower has suggested "Ike's Tykes" for Ike Davis, among others.

Perhaps the Matt Harvey Danger and Shaun Marcum Asylum themes are the ones with the most legs. It would be great to see Mets fans get creative. 

Make no mistake, when I'm at the ballpark, I'll be primarily focused on the action on the field. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun along the way.


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