As many know, the New York Mets are hosting the 2013 MLB All-Star Game in July, and all the festivities that go along with it, including the ever-popular Home Run Derby. had the opportunity to interview Jeremy Lieberman of Talent Resources about a Home Run Derby viewing party event in New York City that sounds like a ton of fun. Check it out:


TheSheaFaithful: Hey Jeremy, thanks for taking the time. Let’s start with the basics. How did you get started in the sports industry?

Jeremy Lieberman: Well to start off, I was fortunate enough that my parents built a real little league baseball field in my backyard growing up where I had numerous home run derbies myself, and was always extremely involved with competitive baseball. My house was known as the “field of dreams.” 

After graduating from Binghamton University, I went straight into finance and realized after two years that it just was not for me. Luckily, I was always heavily involved in sports growing up both as an athlete and spectator and I realized this was the industry I wanted to be involved with going forward. 

This in turn led me to pursue my Masters in sports management where I made a lot of connections within the sports industry and after graduating I worked as the creative director for two golf start-ups where I made even more connections. I've now been at Talent Resources for around a year, working under David Spencer (partner at TR) and together we have made some great things happen within the industry. 

TSF: Tell us a little bit about Talent Resources and the events you guys have on deck in the next couple of months.

JL: Talent Resources is a full-service branding, marketing and event management firm. We focus on bridging the gap between talent and brands. That means we will go out to the brand or they will come to us with a budget and activate based around their budget and exact needs. The great thing with Talent Resources is we get deals done that usually take weeks if not months, done within days if not hours. 

We also have the event side where we focus on exclusive events surrounding marquee sporting/Hollywood events such as the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, MTV VMA's and MLB All-Star Game. As the Super Bowl is on our home turf of New York this year, we will be heavily involved with some great events!

TSF: There's obviously a lot of excitement in New York with the Mets hosting the 2013 All-Star festivities, can you give fans a taste of what's in store at the Home Run Derby event?

JL: The Home Run Derby event is going to be great! Slate (54 W. 21st Street) is our venue and it's a perfect place to watch a game, grab a drink, eat and party at the same time. Their TV's are incredible both in clarity and quantity, as well as their state of the art sound system and great atmosphere. 

To start off the night we will have an exclusive meet & greet and autograph signing session with Mets legends John Franco and Darryl Strawberry, which for me is exciting enough in itself as I grew up a HUGE Mets fan and to this day bleed blue and orange.

We've got the awesome LYFE Kitchen providing the food throughout the entire event, so fans can hang out and enjoy delicious, healthy food all night long.

Following that, we are having the derby viewing party which will be displayed on all 40 of the flat-screens and the main jumbotron. Immediately following the derby viewing, special guest celebrity DJ Nick Cannon will be spinning throughout the duration of the night. 

TSF: Where can fans who want to attend the event find more info about it?

JL: Fans can find more information at where they can read about the different types of tickets, and purchase straight from the site.

TSF: What is your favorite All-Star Game or Home Run Derby memory?

JL: My favorite home run derby memory is probably from the 1993 derby where Ken Griffey Jr. rocked one completely out of Camden Yards and hit the warehouse. I can never get sick of his sweet swing!

TSF: Who is your favorite Mets player of all-time?

JL: My favorite Met of all-time is Todd Hundley. I grew up catching, and speaking of big home runs, I’ll always remember when Hundley hit a 484-foot blast at Shea the same year he hit his 41 home runs. Hundley was actually the first ever meet-and-greet I went to see on Long Island so it's pretty ironic now that I am RUNNING an event with two of the greatest players in Mets history, doing their own meet-and-greet!

TSF: What is the coolest aspect of the Home Run Derby event, in your opinion? 

JL: I think it's just a great day to sit back and watch MLB stars relaxing, blasting 500-foot home runs and having fun. Baseball and sports in general has turned into much more of a business and this is the one day where players look like kids again, actually having fun while indulging in America's greatest pastime.