Many of you who follow me on Twitter are probably well aware, but for those who haven't heard, I will be part of a new project beginning February 17, a New York Mets podcast on the Total Sports Blog radio network called Stache Radio. It's a collaboration between fellow Mets fans, bloggers, and friends Matt, Earl, and Kevin, and we're very excited to be able to talk Mets on the air each week moving forward.

We've been doing a general sports show, TSB Radio, on Wednesdays, and Stache Radio will be our Mets-centric spinoff show that will air (mostly) on Mondays at 9pm ET throughout the 2014 MLB season. Stache Radio gets its name from Matt's terrific Mets blog,, and it will feature the four of us discussing Mets baseball live with each other, some special guests, and of course, your calls.

Keep an eye on the @TSBRadio and @StacheRadio Twitter accounts for more information.

In the meantime, Earl, Kevin, and myself spent a solid 90 minutes on TSB Radio this past Wednesday previewing the 2014 MLB season. We fought through amusing technical difficulties at times, talking all things baseball with each other and some callers in an entertaining hour and a half of baseball talk.

Check out our 2014 MLB season preview show below, and be sure to check out Stache Radio.

You won't want to miss it.