It's Sunday night, which means it's Stache Radio night in the Mets blogosphere.

For those who don't know, each Sunday evening friend of the blog Matt Falkenbury of the Daily Stache and I co-host a half-hour of Mets-related awesomeness on Blog Talk Radio.

If you missed last week's episode, in which Matt and I talked with Vinny Cartiglia of MetsBlog and MetsZilla, you can check that out here.

This week, Matt and I talked with Taryn Cooper (@Coopz22 on Twitter) of A Gal For All Seasons about her trip to Toronto to see the Mets play the Blue Jays, and other assorted New York sports stuff.

So check out the show to see what really rustled my jimmies this week in Mets land, and to hear Matt, Taryn and I talking Mets. Be sure to tune it Sunday nights! Keep tabs on my Twitter account for more info.


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