Pre Game Facts:

The Mets are back to .500, and have looked lost these last few games. R.A. Dickey will take the mound and try to stop the bleeding, against the NL wild card leaders, the Atlanta Braves.

The Mets are 8 games out of .500, but can be 5 games out with a 3 game sweep.

Tonight, the Mets will wear their "Los Mets" uniforms, that are blue with orange lettering/numbering. I think change is needed as well, so good day to pick these uniforms.

Tim Hudson has looked very poor in his 2 outings this season vs. the Mets going only 4 innings in each game, and receiving the loss in each game.

Meanwhile, R.A. Dickey's only win in Citi Field in the last 14 games, was against the Braves, against Tim Hudson.

That could be the reason why Gee and Pelfrey were moved back in the rotation after the Mets 2 day break.

Sandy Alderson hinted that 1st baseman Ike Davis is not going to see another pitch in the season of 2011.

Ace pitcher Johan Santana will be re-evaluated at the end of the homestand. If everything goes well, he will report back to Port St. Lucie for another rehab start.

Former Met 1st baseman, John Olerud, is celebrating his birthday today.

Starting Pitchers:

Braves: Tim Hudson (10-7 3.31)

Mets: R.A. Dickey (5-9 3.77)


Braves: Bourn CF, Prado 3B, Freeman 1B, Uggla 2B, Heyward RF, Ross C, Gonzalez SS, Hudson P, Constanza LF

Mets: Reyes SS, Turner 2B, Murphy 1B, Wright 3B, Pagan CF, Bay LF, Duda RF, Thole C, Dickey P

Scoring Plays:

Mets (1st Inning): David Wright hit a double to deep left-center field scoring Daniel Murphy from 1st. (1-0).

Braves (3rd Inning) : Jose Constanza hit a triple to deep right-center field scoring Alex Gonzalez from 1st. (1-1). Michael Bourn hit a sacrifice fly to left field scoring Constanza. (2-1).

Braves (8th Inning): Dan Uggla hit a left field line drive single, scoring Martin Prado and Freddie Freeman. (4-1).

Post Game Wrap Up:

Mets lost 4-1 getting only 4 hits the whole game.

Tim Hudson (11-7 3.22) pitched very well, allowing only 1 earned run on 3 hits, walking 2 and striking out 2 with 99 pitches.

R.A. Dickey (5-10 3.72) also pitched well, but not well enough to get the win, as he let 2 earned runs on 5 hits, walking none and striking out 5 on 98 pitches.

The Mets had some hard hits, but weren't able to get them to drop.

David Wright's RBI Double would have been a home run in at least 25 other stadiums. Wright never scored.

Jason Bay's bloop double would have scored Pagan if the ball didn't bounce out of play. Pagan never scored after Thole got out with bases loaded with 2 outs.

Now that the Mets are 9 games out of the wild card, you can assume, that the Mets' season is now over. This has been a very disappointing homestand.

Jose Reyes is still in a slump, although he did have a few nice line drives that were caught in left field.

The Mets "Los Mets" jerseys look very cool, and I look foward to the Mets hopefully making them their alternate Jerseys. Check the picture of Murphy at the top of the article to see what the jerseys looked like.

The Mets are now below .500, and don't seem like they will be able to break .500 again.

Game Ball:

R.A. Dickey gets the game ball for his great performance. He hasn't got run support, but he has been pitching very well.

Bottom Line:

The Mets are 9 games out of the wild card, and will most likely not get close to winning the wild card and making the playoffs.