Today the New York Mets extended first-year manager Terry Collins' contract until 2013. At times during this season, the injury-depleted Mets seemed to play inspired ball under the new skipper which is why as of right now, the Mets are only 8 games under .500 at 76-84.

That may seem like a bad record but considering that the Mets best starter (Johan Santana) was hurt the whole season, best run producer (Carlos Beltran) and closer (Francisco Rodriguez) were traded midway towards the season), and two highly-paid middle of the lineup bats (Jason Bay and David Wright) were woefully unproductive for most of the season. The Mets were able to play respectable ball with all of these obstacles trying to bog their record down.

Collins is the right man for the job as of right now and it was a good move by the Front Office to lock him up for the foreseeable future. There are no other stand-out candidates for the Mets managerial job right now so Collins is the right guy to go with.