Jose Reyes is a man of many talents, as many Mets fans know.

The four-time All-Star has electrified fans for years with his blazing speed on the basepaths, his cannon arm, and his line drives into the gap.

He was having an MVP-caliber season before a couple of nagging injuries cost him, and the Mets, any real shot at contention.

Now, with the Mets as a team playing for nothing more than pride over the last few weeks of the season, Reyes finds himself neck-and-neck with Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun as the two battle it out for the National League batting title.

As of Friday, Reyes has a a league-leading .335 batting average, with Braun right on his heels, hitting .331 with less than four weeks remaining.

A batting title would be another impressive notch on Reyes's belt, and it would also be the first batting title in the Mets' 50-year history.

After that, Reyes's future is up in the air. He will hit free agency and likely be one of the most sought after players on the market at any position.

28-year-old shortstops of his caliber are rare on the free agent market, and the Mets will do all they can to lock him up long-term.

However, there is more to life than just baseball.

Reyes has dabbled in the music industry in the past, collaborating with a few friends in the Dominican Republic a few months ago to shoot a reggaeton video entitled "No Hay Amigo."

As Adry Torres of ESPN writes, Jose Reyes has always embraced his musical side.

"What inspired me there was everything I went through as child," Reyes told on Thursday. "In the song I say, 'I remember when as a kid I didn't have anything, only the desire to progress.'" 

"I believe that everything I went through since (I was) a kid up until where I am at now, you understand that all the effort you put forward is all worth it when you're a kid, work hard every day without caring what other people say." 

Reyes has his own record label now, and it appears his music career is just getting started.

Of course, music is still a hobby to Jose, who is still dedicated 100% to improving on the baseball diamond on a daily basis.

The biggest news regarding his music side-project comes in the form of rap superstar Lil Wayne. Reportedly, Wayne has expressed interest in collaborating with Reyes after seeing the "No Hay Amigo" video.

The two have exchanged messages and talked. According to L Jay, [A friend of Reyes's who runs the day-to-day operations of Reyes's record label, El7music] Lil Wayne has expressed interest in joining forces with Reyes once his "I Am Still Music" tour comes to an end and the baseball season is over."

I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty exciting to me. Hopefully next season, we will see Jose Reyes back in a Mets uniform, perhaps even coming out to his own at-bat music.

If Lil Wayne is interested, it's clearly something serious. Keep your eyes and ears open, Mets fans.

UPDATE: A family source of Reyes confirms, according to's Brad Wolff, Reyes and Lil Wayne are DEFINITELY collaborating on a rap song, most likely after the season. Nice!


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