The Mets are reportedly going to spend the off-season using their money on trying to re-sign Jose Reyes and bulk up their bullpen, where many of their losses have come this season.

Although Reyes is in a small slump right now, having him lead off a game is special. If he gets on, its like an automatic run.

But signing Reyes also means that Alderson won't be able to add another bat in the line-up. Clean-up hitter, Ike Davis would be back for the start of the 2012 season however.

Looking at the stats, do the Mets really need another hitter anyway? They are 9th in the league in runs per game (5th in NL). However, the Mets struggle with runners in scoring position, ranking last in that category in the NL, leaving 4 runners in scoring position, without scoring. Ike Davis could be a big help in driving some of those runs, and he would also give the Mets a power boost, in which they haven't had in the last few years.

The starting pitching looks to be remaining the same for 2012. With Santana likely coming back next season, either Pelfrey or Capuano, or both will get the kick out. If Chris Young is healthy, he could very well be in the rotation on opening day. Pelfrey would have to go through arbitration, and the Mets are likely to sign him for around $6M and keep him.

Jenrry Mejia could be help in "bulking the bullpen", but the Mets also need to make sure he's 100 percent before playing around with his arm.

Anyway, without Reyes, the Mets won't sell seats, and would probably get less fans at their games then the Marlins do.

Reyes is electric, but when hes not playing well, the whole team doesn't play well. Without Reyes' "swag" and "spotlight", the Mets would be dead.

David Wright said about 2-3 months ago that he believes himself and Reyes will be playing together in the start of 2013 (Wright's contract ends in 2012). Alderson hopes so as well.

Sandy Alderson is making good choices so far this season. He has gotten rid of Francisco Rodriguez's crazy contract and Carlos Beltran's ending contract. Going after Reyes and bullpen help is what the Mets need the most, without question.

Now that the Mets are 8 games out of first place, Alderson can now start thinking about the off-season, and hopefully he makes more good choices.