During the rubber game in a 3 games series against the Wild Card leading Braves, Jose Reyes and Daniel Murphy went down with injuries.

With Ike Davis out for the season, Daniel Murphy will follow him as he suffered a grade 2 MCL tear after the Braves' rookie outfield Jose Constanza slid into 2nd base trying to get a stolen base. Constanza's cleat (spike) hit right into Murphy's knee (the knee that sat him out for the whole season last season), and he showed his pain, hopping to the floor and asking to get off the field as soon as possible. His recovery will likely take 4 months to heal, but he will not need surgery, at least for now. He has made the disabled list.

Ruben Tejada will be brought back up from triple A to take over Murphy's spot on the roster.

Jose Reyes on the other hand felt tightness in the same hamstring that kept him out for 3 weeks in the middle of the season. There is no apparent play that caused it, but it was probably during his second at bat, when he ran down the first base line. Alderson is saying this is mild for now, but the last injury was mild as well, which sat him out for 3 weeks.

The Mets and Reyes have not yet determined if they will put Reyes on the disabled list or not yet. An MRI is scheduled.

Now that the number 1 and 3 hitters in the National League are now injured and most likely done for the season, the Mets have little to none shot of making the playoffs. They are 9 games back in the Wild Card and are definitely not getting better with these two injuries.

The only good thing about Reyes' injury is that this could give the Mets a better chance at signing Reyes at a reasonable price.

Anyway, the Mets season is over when you have Nick Evans as your everyday starter.