The MLB trading deadline has come and past, and the New York Mets did not make any major moves, or even minor moves.

Last year, the Mets made a significant splash at the deadline when they traded Carlos Beltran for top prospect Zack Wheeler.

However, this year, the market wasn't very dense, and Sandy Alderson did not find any particularly good fits, so the wise move was to not make a move.

This week on a special morning edition of Stache Radio, Matt Falkenbury of the Daily Stache and myself, Jon Presser of The Shea Faithful, talked about the current state of the Mets.

After a sluggish start to the second half, the Mets started to get their feet back under them on the road on a west coast swing.

Ed Marcus of the Real Dirty Mets blog joined us, and it was overall a pretty fun show, as always. Check it out below.


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