The New York Mets just finished a four-game series with the St. Louis Cardinals, and among other things, I couldn't help but notice that Carlos Beltran is still as excellent as ever.

Beltran hit .400 with two walks, a home run and 5 RBI in 17 plate appearances against his former team, as the 36-year-old shows no signs of slowing down, putting up a .309/.347/.554 line through 38 games.

I've always been a huge Carlos Beltran fan, and for good reason. He's an awesome baseball player. One of the best of his generation. Probably a Hall of Fame player, in fact. Yet, he seems to be a controversial figure among Mets fans.

It's easy to understand why. That damn curveball, of course.

But one play, one pitch, does not define a career.

Carlos Beltran was one of the greatest Mets ever. But that's just my opinion.

However, I like my opinions. And I like conversing with other Mets fans who share similar opinions. Not that I don't converse with many Mets fans who do not share the same opinions, I do. My Twitter mentions will prove that.

But I was struck by something I saw on Twitter recently, when someone mentioned that they missed Carlos Beltran (amen) and another fan said something along the lines of, "no Met fan misses Carlos Beltran."

Frankly, I nearly forgot that these Beltran haters even existed.

That's why today, I'd like to propose "The Carlos Beltran Litmus Test" for gauging Mets fandom. Essentially it boils down to this: anytime you are conversing with a fellow Met fan, try to find out their opinion of Carlos Beltran.

If that person indicates that they miss Beltran, or appreciated his time here, I know immediately that this is a fan who is worth my time. If they #BlameBeltran unironically and without a hint of sarcasm, well, I automatically no longer care what you think. It really is that simple. Please take your opinions elsewhere.

I'm not saying that Mets fans have to be Beltran fans, or that you can't be a Mets fan if you don't like Beltran. I'm simply saying that if you don't appreciate Carlos Beltran's Mets career, you really don't deserve my attention.

Carlos Beltran is awesome. More awesome than me, and more awesome than most. While he may not have won a championship with the Mets, (there IS still time, though -cough cough-) I loved every moment of him being here.

Great players come and go, and for a franchise that hasn't had an overabundance of great players, it seems silly to me that one of the best to ever wear a Mets uniform is still vilified by a subset of the Mets fan base.

You guys are silly. Stop being silly. Otherwise I'm not talking to you.



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