With a combined average ticket price of $136 dollars, this is actually the least expensive Subway Series of the last four years. According to TiqIQ, the cheapest secondary market ticket with fees included available for this series is for Wednesday’s game, at a price of $28 dollars. Interestingly enough, there are even cheaper tickets available from the Yankees directly, with some for as little as $22 dollars.

Although this year prices for Subway Series tickets are a far cry from those of 7/2/11 at Citi Field, the most expensive ticket for a matchup between these two teams at an average of $255 dollars, none of the games for this series are priced as low as the 5/22/11 game at Yankee Stadium which carried an average of $99. However, as both these teams continue to struggle selling tickets and the novelty of the Subway Series wears down with increased season-long interleague play, it’s not unreasonable to expect a new Subway Series-low average ticket price for Mets tickets or Yankees tickets in the near future.